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04-Aug-2017 15:57

They are always professional and up to date on the latest technology and education.

They strive to give each and every patient exceptional service-above and beyond any expectations you may have.

However, dentists do have discretion regarding the patients they choose to accept in their practice.

Dentists also have the autonomy to terminate an existing dentist-patient relationship.

These reasons may range from the type of insurance a dental practice may accept, the personality of the practice or the type of dental care a particular practice may provide.

A dentist’s main obligation to a patient is to provide complete and competent dental care.

In this case, however, the patient should be made aware of the fact that the treatment has been completed.

Another example of a legally justified termination occurs when the patient decides to terminate the relationship unilaterally, typically over either unhappiness with the results of the treatment or over administrative, management or personality conflicts.

They continue to attend educational courses to keep abreast of the latest dental technology as well as patient care and comfort.The termination of a dentist-patient relationship is legally justified when both parties agree to end it (such as when the patient’s dental insurance plan changes and the current dentist is not a member of the plan or when the patient moves out of town).Another legally justified termination occurs when a course of treatment is completed.I then learned why they didn’t think they should pay the 0 that they were contractually obligated to pay my office. And my front desk always gives patients a heads up on what their next visits will cost them and how their insurance benefits will work.

At this point I produced my patient record, which clearly documented the story of the tooth in question.Before that time I worked for another local dentist for 4 ½ years.