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'Whoopi told one of the producers, "Joy wants my gig but she’s going to have to work really hard to get it.Barbara Walters never made her the moderator for a reason".' Hostin - a former CNN legal analyst - was a popular guest host all last year on The View and joined the talk show as a full time contributor this season. Charlie: Don’t put steak, put milk steak, she’ll know what it is. Dennis: Magnets- okay, making magnets, collecting magnets-Mac: Playing with magnets-Charlie: Just magnets.

Last season just didn't have the clever originality of previous ones.

At just ten months old, suffering from a rare genetic condition and acutely brain damaged, he cannot breathe for himself, see, or swallow. It's quite possible he will never utter a single word. Charlie Gard, blind, utterly dependent, acutely sick, has half the world holding their breath just to make sure he takes hear his next. The reason we are drawn to baby Charlie and his plight is that he is all of us, every good mum and every decent dad.

The officer winds up causing havoc over his prejudice against interracial marriages and ultimately loses his job.… continue reading »

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