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23-Nov-2017 03:24

When someone investigates all his time to find the information regarding Luke’s love life, he will come across Luke’s long relationship with former basketball star Meg Simpson.

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Then there are the people — whether they be close friends, acquaintances, or even strangers — who throw out sexist and outdated arguments, reminding her that her biological clock is ticking and she should 'just give [her husband] a baby already'.'We are talking about a human being who should be wanted by the people who created her,' she wrote.It's not that Joy just isn't yet ready for children, or that she's trying to get pregnant and having trouble — both of which would also be good reasons for not asking her about her procreating plans — but rather that Joy simply doesn't want to be a mother and, as she explains, that's nobody's business but hers and her husband's.