Eharmony gay dating service

27-Oct-2017 14:32

As a result of a 2008 settlement with the state of New Jersey, which sued the company for discrimination, men and women seeking same-sex matches were redirected from e Harmony to an affiliate Web site, The proposed settlement would require e Harmony to display its gay and lesbian dating services more prominently.

For example, an e Harmony question reads, “I greatly appreciate the physical beauty of the opposite sex.” The Compatible Partners version reads, “I greatly appreciate physical attractiveness when looking at people.” The company changed so little in the surveys that it put a disclosure on the Compatible Partners home page.

The New Jersey complaint is not the only legal action to be brought against e Harmony for failing to provide a same-sex option.

In March, lawyers in California brought a lawsuit against the company on behalf of San Francisco resident Linda Carlson, who was denied access to e Harmony because she is gay. Neil Clark Warren and had ties with the influential religious conservative group Focus on the Family.

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The Christian co-founder of the popular dating site e Harmony is no stranger to sparking controversy in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. It has really damaged our company.” It seems his company's decision to launch a separate service for gay and lesbian singles called Compatible Partners in response to a lawsuit filed against e Harmony in 2008 for not offering LGBT matchmaking brought along its own set of challenges.