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Nanning, "Yong" for short, has a long history and a rich cultural heritage. D., Nanning was first established as a prefecture, which was the start of Nanning becoming an officially administrated area. D., Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Tang Tai Zong, named the city "Yong Zhou"(meaning the County of Yong). D., the central government of Yuan Dynasty named the city "Nanning"(meaning peaceful south), in the hope that the south would remain in peace.Nanning is located in 10745'-10815'east longitude and 2212'-2332'north latitude city has a smooth terrain, sloping from the northeast to the southwest, with hills lying around.June 13, in Nanning Chaoyang Park, the police showed the captured weapons.From 13 to 14 June, Nanning Public Security Bureau held a show named”2011 Anti-crime and Maintaining Social Stability Publicity Campaign”, full displaying the good results that the city’s public security organs achieved in the first half of 2011.

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